Ett par på Hotell Utter Inn på Mälaren i Västerås. Fotograf: Pia Nordlander

A city without limits

What makes a city a city? And what makes Västerås the city it is? Part of the answer is its stunning location on the banks of Lake Mälaren with an archipelago dotted with small islands that can all be reached by boat. Or by tour skates once the ice thickens. How about the pristine nature, where you can hike, or cycle tour, or even just go for a picnic in one of the city’s parks. There are destinations for history buffs and bon vivants, from the sky-piercing spires of our cathedral, to Sweden’s most ancient burial site at Anundshög, to the award-winning Steam Hotel and Utter Inn underwater hotel. It is probably this unique mix that makes Västerås the place it is.

Where should we eat?

The city’s restaurants serve up cuisine from every corner of the world and many of our restaurants get a mention in Sweden’s most prestigious restaurant guide, the White Guide. We have a unique mix of food and ingredients that are rustic, locally produced, spicy and artisanal, trendy and well-made. How about Italian at DiSpagna or traditional Swedish cooking with a luxurious touch at Nya Hattfabriken?

What can we do?

The best way of getting to know a city is on foot. We have gathered some treasures in and around the city centre that you can found in our brochure. If the weather allows it we highly recommend Vallby Open Air Museum, a museum that takes you back in time and let you experience life in Sweden – as it was a 100 years ago. You can download our brochure here.

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